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New for 2019 - Impulse Ice Cream

As the 2019 ice cream season creeps up on us we have givven you the low down on all of the exctiting new lines available this year.

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Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies

A cookie flavour velvety Panna ice cream with chocolate sauce and covered in cookie crumb pieces and gorgeous white chocolate. 



Magnum Vegan Classic

Suitable for Vegans, this Magnum is delicious and velvety dairy free ice cream with cream flavour, it’s a balanced flavour plant-based ice cream and is covered in a dairy free chocolate with coconut oil. With over 3.5m vegans in Britain, this is a free must have. 

Kinder Bueno Ice Cream Cone

The unique taste of Kinder Bueno in a mouth-watering ice cream cone! Kinder Bueno ice cream cones are made with creamy hazelnut ice cream, on top is a tasty hazelnut disk made from carefully selected and roasted hazelnuts and topped wit chocolate pieces. Inside the cone there is a delicious filling of milk chocolate sauce. This is a perfect treat.


Kinder Ice Cream Stick

The Kinder ice cream sick is made with 40% fresh whole milk and the chocolate coating is real milk. 

It has been designed with care and attention, giving you that unique Kinder chocolate taste and delicious simplicity.

Solero Lemon Organic

This certified organic lolly has a refreshing water ice sour shell with a sweet and soft-core centre and contains only 57 calories per stick!


Ben & Jerry’s Moophoria 

Lighten up with Ben & Jerry’s new light ice cream. All the chunks and swirls you love with half of the calories. 

Available in two flavours; Chocolate Cookie Dough and Caramel Cookie Fix these two new lines contain only 132 & 128 calories per 100ml this ice cream has approximately 50% less calories that Ben & Jerry’s classics and contains no sugar alcohols.


Inspired by discoveries from journeys around the world, we have crafted the finest ingredient combinations for a surprising twist; always using the creamiest diary.

Nuii Salted Caramel & Australian Macadamia

Slightly roasted, the macadamia which is frequently referred to as the ‘Queen of nuts’ found a home away from home as a delicious brittle milk chocolate, coupled with rich salted caramel sauce swirled in a creamy vanilla ice cream. A taste that’s worth exploring.

Nuii Almond and Java Vanilla

Java vanilla, best known for its distinctive sweet and smoky taste, swirled with creamy ice cream. the exotic Java vanilla aroma is locked away inside a layer of milk chocolate and a generous serving of crunchy almonds.

A taste to be explored.

Nuii Cookies and Idaho Valley Mint

Each bite delivers a smooth and refreshing mint flavoured ice cream combined with delicious chocolate cookies and covered with milk chocolate and even more cookie pieces.

A trail through the valleys will take your breath away.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim

Caramel ice cream with dairy milk chocolate and Daim pieces. A real crowd pleaser.

Randoms Mallow

A fruit ice cream in a marshmallow coating.


Strawberry ice cream with Skittles pieces wrapped in a refreshing strawberry sorbet coating.

The number 1 sugar confectionery brand in an ice cream.


Scoop is the Marshfield family farm dog who is always at their side – they thought it was about time she had a treat too! Marshfield specially made this doggy ice cream with their own fresh farm milk and added a lactase enzyme to reduce the lactose content to help with sensitive tummies. They have also reduced the fat and sugar content (compared to Marshfield Vanilla Clotted Cream Ice Cream), then added vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3 oils:

• Hemp rich in Omega 3 - for a glossy coat

• Vitamin C - for the immune system

• Curcumin - a natural anti-inflammatory

• Glucosamine - for joint care

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