New Vehicles & Cameras

Author:Eden Farm Hulleys

Eden Farm Hulleys have recently purchased four 3.5 tonne, fourteen 7.2 tonne and one 18 tonne Iveco vehicles.
To support the growth of our chilled business, the vehicles have been individually modified to our bespoke frozen and chilled specifications, and are dual temperature allowing us to service our frozen and chilled accounts.
A number of the vehicles are automatic which will help deliver improved fuel benefits through enhanced MPG and all vehicles are Euro Cat 6 rated reducing our emissions compared to the replaced fleet.

The additional vehicles have increased our delivery fleet in peak season, to 152 vehicles in what has been the busiest summer in the Company’s history. Eden Farm Hulleys intend to continue to improve the fleet and implement an ongoing replacement programme. More new vehicles are anticipated in 2019 meaning we can continue to meet and exceed our increasing number of customers.

In a bid to improve driver and customer safety Eden Farm Hulleys have also invested in a number of vehicle CCTV camera's via Intelligent Telematics (SureCam). Jason Brooksbank – Transport Manager said, "We are currently running with 33 camera's across our fleet with more about to be ordered. Surecam use the most sophisticated 3G and 4G technology so that HD footage of any collision, near miss or harsh driving incident is captured and automatically transmitted within moments of it happening. It's a significant investment from the company and a definite benefit to daily operations"