Meet the Supplier - Aunt Bessie's

Author:Aunt Bessie's & Eden Farm Hulleys

The Aunt Bessie's brand was first launched in 1995, but have a rich history of frozen food production which goes way further back that that. From this rich history, they now produce around 20 million Yorkshire Puddings every week, making them the Nations Favourite!

In 1974, Butlins asked them to supply their holiday camps with frozen Yorkshire puddings and obviously the answer was yes! And they've been using the same tried and true recipe ever since.

They started supplying the same Yorkshire puddings to Iceland in the mid-70s, under the name of Tryton Foods. Then to other major British supermarket chains from the mid-90s, when the offficial Aunt Bessie's brand was launched.

Since then, they've come a long, long way, and done a lot more cooking.

From 1974 to 2018, Aunt Bessie's were part of the William Jackson Food Group, whose roots go back over 160 years. What started as a small, family-owned business grew into the national food group we know today.

In 2018, they joined Nomad Foods. An international leader in frozen foods, Nomad works across 17 countries, and has number one positions in 10 countries spanning the UK and Europe. They're in good company too. Birds Eye, Findus and Goodfellas are all part of the Nomad group.

Under the new ownership of Nomad Foods they are landing their biggest campaign to date. Including TV & Video on Demand, Digital focus with 47.4m impressions and bespoke shopper campaigns. They are live on TV from 25th October running through to December with Yorkshires, Roasts and Parsnips all central to the advert.

2018 really is the year of the Yorkshire!