Frozen Food - Perfect Condition and Value for Money

Author: Emma Trudgill

A new scientific report has shown that frozen food has the same nutritional value as fresh food. In some cases, frozen food may even have more nutritional value due to fresh food deteriorating in the supply chain and therefore can offer “nutritional superiority”. As it is easier to control portion size, frozen food also achieves less food waste and offers consumers better value for money.

Researchers, from the Centre for Food Innovation at Sheffield Hallam University on behalf of The British Frozen Food Frederation (BFFF) and Local Authority Caterers Association (LACA), investigated the nutritional value of fresh and frozen foods.

Comparing nutritional content of fresh and frozen food, the research showed that frozen food can be nutrionally comparable or in some cases nutrionally superior. The study states that frozen food is frozen shortly after being harvested locking in the nutrients and vitamins.

Lead researcher Charlotte Harden said: “We must disregard the mistaken view that fresh food is always better for us than frozen food.”

Chairman of LACA Beverly Baker welcomed the report and said: “It supports our long held belief that there is no significant difference in nutrional quality between fresh and frozen produce.”